Guidelines for Washing Your Electronic Digital camera Lens

Posted by Mamas_Wae On Friday, May 30, 2014 0 comments
A well managed, fresh lens is vital to any photographer.

Here are 10 easy top suggestions to fresh your digital camera lens.

1. BUY a easy camera lens cleaning kit - not costly and important. 
- Generally includes a microfibre fabric, a motorized inflator sweep and some lens-cleaning liquid.

2. DO NOT ignore your covering. Consistently fresh the covering as this will pick up dirt, oil, and dirt quickly.

3. DO NOT be heavy handed when washing the lens. Keep in mind it is a delicate device. If dirt is hard to get off, do not rub it harder! Keep it light and be individual.

4. Use a Blower Brush for removing dirt on your lens. Make sure to improve a contact to its narrowest or largest central length to make the cup accessible.

5. Some contacts are weather enclosed, however try and avoid using a fabric moistened with water if possible. A dry microfibre fabric should remove all the dirt, and dirt just excellent.

6. If there is oil, oil or a smear on you lens, use a liquid based lens-cleaning liquid. Use occasionally, use with a microfibre fabric, and rub in a round motion.

7. LENS WIPES are an outstanding substitute to microfibre fabrics. They are cheap, non reusable, and have outstanding cleaning abilities.

8. Buy a CAMERA LENS FILTER. This will protect the front element of your lens. A standard UV filter is perfect. Also changing a broken filter is much less costly than changing a broken lens!

9. A excellent smooth artists sweep is a great less costly substitute to a motorized inflator sweep. A smooth bristle, camel hair sweep is perfect, commonly available in art stores, or online.

10. NEVER forget the importance of maintaining your digital camera lens clean! The exposed cup elements on your lens are the most important parts when it comes to visual quality.

Every photographer should regularly check their lens for dirt and streaks. It is not only to ensure you are taking the 'sharpest' possible photos, but also a smear or a finger marks left for a long period could cause long lasting damage to your costly camera lens. As we all know maintaining your lens fresh isn't exactly mind-mindbogglingly difficult, but nevertheless it is a task that should be performed regularly, with patience, considerately, and carefully. Arm yourself with the proper lens cleaning tools which are and important investment and will be worth their weight in gold.


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